Cleveland, Here We Come

On April 24, 2008, in All, John Sumser,, Recruiting Roadshow, by John Sumser
Next Tuesday, the 29th, the Recruiting Roadshow™ arrives in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be the sixth Roadshow to date. The project has been successful in each city we’ve visited. If you’re in the neighborhood on Tuesday, please join us. You can register here. As expected, each city turns out to be wildly different along recruiting […]

080422 Daily Links

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  Why Networking is Overrated This guy missed the boat.   Twitter May Not Have To Care About Uptime Any Longer Growth rate trumps service quality   The Reality of Depending on True Fans What it’s like to build self financing community.   Tweeting for Companies 101 Thorough corporate overview   China on the Rise – A Visual Take

Networking Works Better, Marty

On April 22, 2008, in All, Job Boards, John Sumser,, Networking, by John Sumser
In this article (Why Networking is Overrated), Marty Nemko advises job hunters to focus on creating a winning “application” rather than networking for a gig. “If you don’t have a great network and dislike schmoozing, you’ll land a job faster if you devote most of your job search time to writing top-of-the-pile applications for well-suited […]

080421 Daily Links

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  Money Can Buy Me Love Kevin Kelly on new study..affluence breeds satisfaction   Do you know about Lifehacker? A constant flow of tips for getting things done   How to write well   Jason Davis and the Fake Jason Davis   What brain drain? In eight years’ time, one in four workers will be […]

Brown Bag Recruiter: Trip Report

On April 21, 2008, in All, Industry Analysis, John Sumser,, Video, by John Sumser
 You might have noticed a little gap in our daily flow. Ft. Lauderdale was calling, so we went to see Ami Givertz (here’s a bigger picture) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. From California, it takes a day to get there and a day to get back. He premiered his new endeavor, The Brown Bag Recruiter, […]

080416 Daily Links

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Beyond the Resume? Intelligent Design for Mere Mortals Keep your eye on Valerie Gonyea Recruiting Using Craigslist Nicole St. Martin is on the job Talent Management Software is inward facing Google: March Paid-Click Growth Awful (Again) Watch Thursday’s Earnings Report The charmed life of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Who your competitors are and what they’re doing […]

No Animal, No Slouch

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It probably started in a bar. You can imagine the shy but persistent Michael Kelleman asking his hardworking and insightful friend Jason Davis, “What would be the least likely thing that people could call us?” Jason said, “I’d laugh my tail (okay, he didn’t say “tail”) off if people called you an Animal. You are […]

080415 Daily Links

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A Bigger Message David Kippen points out the hard work in developing a distinctive employment brand Global SEO Strategies You’ll be tempted to think that Nicole St. Martin doesn’t agree with today’s article on SEO Employment Branding How To Animal continues to whittle the complex into the simple. He is simply amazing Pro or parasite? […]

Measuring What We Missed

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You gotta understand. SEO/SEM is a set of techniques that raise your ranking on a search engine. Whether that nets you more traffic and whether that traffic produces the results you want are separate questions. Whether or not the traffic that you may or may not get is the most cost effective way to reach […]

080414 Daily Links

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Twitter, Job Boards and See your Tweetcloud (Thanks Peter…the popup stuff makes your work hard to read) Twitter in Plain English Courtesy of Dennis Smith targets Craiglist and job ads Job Board Analysis from Eric Shannon Craigslist – Spam/Scam Haven Geinzer weighs in Talent Technology is putting on a webinar through