privacy-laws-and-resources-heather-bussing-hr-examiner-feb-20-2014John Sumser and I are teaching Social Media and Internet Law again this semester. And we’ve been looking at privacy rights. Here are some of the resources we are using.

Here’s a comprehensive List of California and Federal Privacy Laws compiled by the California Attorney General’s Office with links to the text of the laws. It’s also a Google Document.

Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great resource for information on technology, the internet, and privacy. They are currently challenging the NSA”s authority to collect and retain data.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a consumer privacy rights organization that has great information and helps people enforce their privacy rights. Follow them on twitter @PrivacyToday

Internet Cases is attorney Adam Brown’s blog on the latest court decisions and lawsuits involving internet law. Adam is knowledgable and a wonderful writer. He is one of my favorite resources. Follow Adam @internetcases

We have also written on privacy. Here is the Privacy Series John and I did.

Here is the series I did on workplace privacy.

Employee Privacy- What Can Employer’s Monitor?

The short answer is: A lot. If the device or hardware is the employer’s, including the smart phone issued by the company, the employer is entitled to monitor and track the data generated.

Employee Privacy 2- When It’s Personal

Employees do have some privacy rights though. This piece looks at where those rights originate and what questions to ask to figure out if something is protected.

Employee Privacy 3- Social Media

Social media seems intimate and among “friends,” but it’s not. This piece looks at how to think about privacy and social media at work.


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