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Recent Demos - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

Sometimes, it feels like Demo Central around here. Here’s the best of them from the past couple of weeks.

Recent Demos

Sometimes, it feels like Demo Central around here. We generally see a couple of software demos a day. Here’s the best of them from the past couple of weeks.

  • Bunchball
    The recent Gartner headline about an 80% failure rate in Gamification projects was released during Bunchball’s customer showcase. Their approach to enterprise gamification is a straightforward one thing at a time method. Visionary and charismatic CEO who is betting that the real value of gamification is increased Loyalty.
  • GoodJob
    One more referral system. In this one, employees authorize recruiters to post ads on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. The results are gamified and people get points with which to buy stuff. It’s more like an ad distribution system than a referral tool. Pricing starts at $500/month and is based on head count.
  • HirePad
    Billing itself as the all-in-one recruitment marketing system, this is an early stage product from Peter Gold. UK centric.
  • InterviewStream
    The oldest of the video interview companies. Focused on recorded interviews. The differentia tor is a library of 7,000 interview questions.
  • JobEscrow
    A Santa Cruz, CA company that uses a fee escrow process to guarantee the quality of staffing company work. Make the placement, get paid in installments from an escrow fund as long as the employee continues to perform and show up. These folks will succeed to the extent that employers believe that there’s a problem with contingency search firms placing people who fail within the first year or so.
  • JobFig
    Interesting start on an automated team building assessment tool. A pretty intuitive visual display shows a candidates measured personality traits and the net impact on your team. These folks are worth watching because they are figuring out how to do what the big assessment cos can’t – deliver an intelligent online product at an affordable price point. It’s $300/job.
  • HireMojo
    The folks at Accolo have built an interesting ‘recruiter in a box’ offering. Essentially, JobMojo helps you develop job descriptions that actually cause people to apply.
    Extensive analytics allow you to increase your focus on the job boards that are working for you. It’s $295/job
  • Recruitics
    This tool manages job ad placement on job ad aggregation sites. Although it seems like most job posting tools offer job level control, these folks make a big deal out of it. It’s operated by ex-Indeed staffers who built the original version for a staffing company.
    The recurring theme is ‘click budgeting at a job level’. Pricing is roughly $5/job with discounts at scale.
  • Workana
    Interesting Latin American freelancer’s job board that recently
    received capital from the UK’s Evenbase. They are relentlessly focused on the Spanish speaking market. Although the news doesn’t really appear in the US press, Latin America is exploding as an internet market and a labor market.

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