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On July 20, 2010, in Reviews, by John Sumser

jobscienceReview: Jobscience

That’s quite a name. Jobscience. At first, you’d have to guess that it was some sort of mad industrial psychology scientific laboratory where they tweak jobs into better alignment with something or other. Then you hear that they have a great legacy business in the health care field. Ah yes, Jobscience. What began as jobs in science is becoming the science of jobs.

At the helm of JobScience is an amazing guy, Ted Elliot. In the sea of conflicting advice about social media usage and policies, Elliot is a trained lawyer who is organizing his company to deliver effective and legal social processes. Ted is an interesting combination of early adopter, process innovator and conservative business decision maker.

JobScience is the first Recruiting as CRM tool to be built on a major CRM platform. The company, which has legacy ATS products in the health-care niche, is spreading its wings. Their toolset is the second largest application in the ecosystem and a pioneering design effort to keep the wheels greased while does its thing.

That matters for a couple of reasons

  • has a level of service delivery that is hard to duplicate in the HR niches. Reliability, configuration control, and scalability are the places where customers face big risk in SaaS deployments. The platform is a kind of guarantee that can’t be easily duplicated.
  • JobScience is virtually collocated with the corporate headquarters. This gives the company access to a huge store of CRM related experience. The difference between theory and reality is an important variable in CRM based HR applications.
  • JobScience easily leverages the huge R&D budget giving Recruiters light years of competitive advantage.

Given the company’s deep history, the fielded application has all of the bells and whistles you’d expect in a mature Applicant Tracking system. Workflows, smart search technology, alerts and compliance management tools are ready to go.

The team itself is an unusual kind of ‘family company’. On first blush, the idea that this is a ‘family centric’ operation is pooh-poohed. Jobscience has a couple of family members at the top of the hierarchy. They have worked hard to leave family at home while developing a professional work environment. It’s not that kind of family company.

Rather, each and every one of the folks I met at JobScience had a family story to tell. These were ‘family people’ with big stories. The company is great about making sure that people get to work in their own family environments preferring to have distributed operations. The team was stronger for operating from their lifetime homes.

And then, there’s Ted. As the role of Recruiters and their home organization, HR, is transformed by economics, demographics and social software tools, having a lawyer at the helm is a competitive advantage. Rather than shoveling risk into the legal department, Elliot’s shop sees the legal risk and uses it as a foundation for design and innovation.

The world of platforms is in flux. So is the archetype CEO for HR Tech companies. JobScience is going to be changing the way the market understands itself.

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