“As employees are empowered and coached by technology, the damage they can do or allow to be done grows proportionally.” – John Sumser

Security Series 4 – Context: Increasing Employee Power

Meanwhile, the individual employee grows steadily more powerful. She is increasingly backed by systems that expand their own effectiveness so the employee can expand hers. Much of the design is delivered without regard to overall governance. The assumption is that the employee will know how to use and maintain the tools ethically, responsibly, and legally. With echoes of crowd sourcing as a management philosophy, the tools blandly assume that every employee works with the best interests of the company at heart.

This sets up a tension between the systems that forecast, recommend, monitor, and control and the employees that use them. Predictability and creative problem solving are almost always complementary opposites.

Any organization of substance already depends on strong capable people to run the human-to-human interfaces with employees, gig workers, suppliers, regulators, customers and other stakeholders. It also depends on conscientious technologists who monitor and implement the latest security measures. It depends on having employees who are inspired to care more about the firm today than they did yesterday.

In essence, business continuity is precisely a function of the degree to which employees are committed to the health and growth of the organization. As employees are empowered and coached by technology, the damage they can do or allow to be done grows proportionally. Employee attachment to and concern for success of the organization is the beating heart of any comprehensive security program. No pressure.



The Security Series: HR as Security Leader

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