Notes and Highlights from HR Tech Weekly with John Sumser and Stacey Harris, HR Tech Weekly Episode 167, April 12, 2018.

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New options enhanced by machine learning provide near-instant deployment to improve candidate selection for any company.

Cleveland, Ohio, April 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Shaker, the market-leading provider of pre-employment assessments, announced today expanded offerings that allow companies to deploy with greater velocity and ability to predict performance.

Virtual Job Tryout will add two additional implementation options — pre-configured and tailored — to its award-winning solution. For pre-configured options, Virtual Job Tryout is typically implemented in an industry-staggering speed of under two weeks.

“We’re excited to expand the ways that companies can deploy our innovative, pre-hire assessment to fit the needs of any hiring manager,” said Mike Hudy, executive vice president of selection science. “The predictive analytics of Virtual Job Tryout is easily implemented and a powerful tool that provides employers with a glimpse of how well a candidate will perform on the job.”

Shaker leverages over 15 years of data, selection science, and proven results to help companies improve their quality of hires and land talent that they already know will succeed in jobs, even before candidates are hired. It is also the only pre-hire assessment that provides candidates with a glimpse of what it would be like in the job they are seeking.

Shaker has led the HR technology industry with machine learning for over a decade, making it possible to capture and score unstructured candidate responses during assessments — written answers, verbal responses, and chat interactions.

“We’ve incorporated machine learning for over a decade so we can capture and score real-life responses that simulate how a candidate would truly perform on the job,” Hudy said. “Relying on multiple choice questions alone is too limiting a way to get a real preview of a candidate.”

Shaker designs assessments that are shorter and more realistic, allowing candidates to respond in their own words and demonstrate the skills that employers increasingly value in a wide array of jobs.

“Shaker is uniquely positioned because we’re all about selection science and applying our deep expertise and data to better employee selection,” Hudy said.

Shaker will be showcasing how their new three implementations of Virtual Job Tryout are enhanced by machine learning at the upcoming SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) Conference at Booth 514.

Too much is at stake in finding top candidates. Talent leaders want iron-clad, proven tools to identify people who will succeed, so that their businesses will succeed. Shaker’s market-leading Virtual Job Tryout is the only pre-hire assessment that gives you powerful predictive insights and a preview of candidate performance, while also allowing your future employees a glimpse into your jobs and company. Realistic job previews, at speed, backed by unparalleled science — Shaker.


Mike Hudy
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