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The 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting

By now, you’ve probably heard a little about the latest report from HRxAnalysts. The 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting is a comprehensive look at the new technologies that are entering the organization in the 21st Century. While they are generally lumped together under the rubric of social media, a lot more is happening.

The report documents the 16 different kinds of social technology and their ultimate place in the various HR Silos. While the organizational focus seems to be on the control of these grassroots technologies, what’s really happening is pretty interesting. There is very little that is actually social about social technologies.

The 2012 Index provides a coherent baseline for managing and planning the adoption of social technology by your organization. Useful for vendors, HR Departments and Recruiting operations, the report covers the following terrain:

  • Defining the Technologies: There are 16 discrete kinds of tools that are moving into a dozen HR modules. Get a good understanding of how the technology will impact your operation.
  • How Technology Flows in HR and Recruiting: Knowing how innovations move around the industry helps you understand when it’s time to execute.
  • The Tech Adoption Curve and Competitive Benefit: Adding new technology is always a risk – benefit trade off. While early adopters harvest the greatest return, they always experience the highest level of failures. Learn how to judge when it’s appropriate for your organization to get on board.
  • HR and Recruiting are Local: This chapter helps right size social technology and employment branding strategy. The audience for an employment brand should be no larger than necessary,
  • The Networks: There are several major contenders for use as a foundation for your organizations approach to social HR and Recruiting. This section offers an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities associated with Twitter, FAcebook, LinkedIn, Branchout and BeKnown.
  • The Landscape: Social Technology providers range from traditional advertising agencies to Enterprise Software operations. The report showcases the unique perspectives of each type of provider and identifies the emerging companies that blend events and consulting.
  • The Vendors: 70 companies are reviewed in detail. Ideas are praised and panned
  • Forecasts: The next moves in Social Technology are chronicled.

The current offerings in social technology are early demonstrations of ideas that will mature in the coming years. Data collection and distribution are currently far more important than the supposedly social aspects of the technology.

The report provides competitive intelligence for solution providers, a detailed look at options for buyers (HR and Recruiting operations) and a way of understanding the evolution of these powerful technologies. Employment websote operators will find the information particularly useful.

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