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Much of what is passed off as Recruiting Innovation is really an adaptation to changes in the rest of the world. The debates about whether or not this or that communications platform (video, twitter, Faceboiok, Recruitingblogs.com, myspace, skype) is going to be a necessary component of our work get pretty silly.

We are in the midst of a revolution that no one is naming. Things are speeding up.

Today’s links contain a couple of pointers to items about twitter and a couple that look at free job boards. Although the world is much more complex than this, Recruiting often boils down to understanding new communications tools and following the improvements in the old ones. What seems like Recruiting specific issues are often structural changes.

In a piece called SEO Hype and Services You Don’t Need, Laura Shannon makes a detailed case for the inclusion of branding and messaging in SEO. The article will be foreign to many in the industry and shows the breadth and depth of complexity in our evolving Recruiting Universe. Again, the overall world has changed and Recruiting must adapt.

The tools change but the fundamentals don’t.

Recruiting is unnecessarily expensive when

  • One position is being filled at a time. While this may be a sensible approach to very senior postions and emergerncy fills, Recruiting is least expensive when done as a system.
  • Job Requirements are not clearly specified. The “I’ll know it when I see it” model of job specification is the norm in most organizations. This forces Recruiters to work reactively and defensively.
  • Hiring Manager responsibilities are not defined.  Most waste in hiring systems is caused by hiring managers.
  • Workforce planning fails the rigor test. Every company has labor shortages in some areas. A disciplined workforce plan focuses attention on the high risk areas.

When you’re in the reactive mode, it’s impossible to understand and utilize emerging technologies.

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