As I write, it’s beginning to look like Jobster will terminate my editorial responsibilities on Wednesday the 9th. It’s certainly their opion to change horses when and where they see fit. They’ve just done it awkwardly.

For the vast majority of my time as the editor of, Jobster has ignored me. No resources and no management. On occasion, I’ve prepared to have a thorough discussion of the options and possibilities. Those meetings never materialized.

So, I’ve been doing the best I can with what I have been given. A vision never materialized; Jobster was uninterested in that.

Don’t get me wrong. If Jobster had wanted someone who could follow instructions and color inbetween the lines, I was the wrong guy. My longsuit is critique and independent content generation. I look at the future. I don’t receive guidance very well.

So the way that I read it, my contract expires on the 10th of May. Jobster, however, plans to do a quick transition on Wednesday. It’s a month early and on very short notice.

I think they are running out of money.

The logical thing for you to wonder is “What’s going to happen to Jobster?” You’ll have to ask Jeff Seely, the new CEO. He’s not telling me.

Meanwhile, I am going to start posting material on both and I’ll keep you posted the best I can about Jobster and

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