Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.

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Earlier this week I was in Austin Texas where I attended and presented at the Lumesse Customer Conference (formerly StepStone Solutions). This is a presentation on Talent Management Maturity Models from research and analysis I’ve conducted in my role at HRxAnalysts.

Last Chance: What HR Thinks and Feels (The Webinar)

Topics: HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser
Have you read the new report from HRxAnalysts, “What HR Thinks and Feels”? Whether or not you’ve purchased the report (it costs $1,195), you’ll probably want to attend the webinar hosted by Starr Tincup tomorrow, April 19 at noon Central time. If you already have something scheduled for that time slot, you should cancel it. […]

HRExaminer v2.13

HR is Female While HR is widely understood to be a difficult place to sell and do business, it's worth considering that the problem lies with the sellers, not the buyers. The uniformity of the profession's angst about salespeople, marketing and vendor performance suggest that there's something really wrong with the way that vendors see […]