HRx Big Ideas Radio: Episode #15: New Organizational Types with Felix Wetzel

Felix Wetzel is the founder and MD of zyx associates. zyx focuses on developing and implementing people to people (P2P) strategies for businesses. zyx draws on a deep understanding of Marketing, HR, Recruitment, and Tech to develop and implement successful strategies for its customers. Felix is a board advisor to companies in the HRTech and recruitment space. He regularly speaks and blogs about topics that always have people at its core but draw from different topics such as nation branding, sports, and politics.
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HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #230: Andrew Gadomski

Andrew Gadomski is the Founder of Aspen Advisors. Aspen designs solutions for large-scale recruiting organizations that provide talent analytics, benchmarking insights, and recruiter efficiency. Before founding Aspen, Andrew held leadership roles at Honeywell and Banister International, and today is also an adjunct professor at NYU, where he and his team teach people to effectively navigate the world of hiring and recruiting.

HRx Big Ideas Radio: Episode #12: Five Most Interesting Recruiting Tools with Kyle Lagunas

What are the five most interesting recruiting tools right now? John Sumser talks with Kyle Lagunas, the research manager and principal analyst for IDC’s Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition and Staffing research practice.
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HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #229: Kristin Lewis, Equifax

John Sumser talks with Kristin Lewis, the senior director of Product Management for Equifax Workforce Solutions, where she leads the innovation and architecture of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Management Platform. Lewis has gained national recognition for her thought leadership around the ACA, and is a regularly featured speaker on ACA compliance for industry events across the country.

HRx Big Ideas Radio: Episode #11: Ben Waber on People Analytics

Ben Waber is recognized worldwide as an expert in people analytics, collaboration, and wearable technology. He is the leader of Humanyze, a behavioral analytics company that uses wearable sensing technology. Ben is also a visiting scientist at the MIT Media Lab, where he received his PhD, and he was previously a senior researcher at Harvard Business School. Ben has been featured in Wired, CNN, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among other outlets, and his work was selected for the Harvard Business Review’s List of Breakthrough Ideas and the Technology Review’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies. His book, People Analytics, is an international bestseller and was released by the Financial Times Press.
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HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #228: Mervyn Dinnen

Mervyn Dinnen is a Talent Acquisition Analyst collaborating with, and advising, Recruitment, HR, and technology businesses on the emerging trends that impact hiring, retention, and engagement. He is also an award winning blogger who works with recruitment and technology companies on content marketing strategies. His co-authored book book, ‘Exceptional Talent,’ will be published on May 28th.

HRx Big Ideas Radio: Episode #10: Recruitment Marketing Scorecard with Chris Brablc

Chris Brablc is the Director of Marketing at SmashFly Technologies, an omnichannel recruitment marketing software company. Chris has been recognized as an industry expert in recruitment marketing. He has been featured in industry publications and conference speaker at SHRM, TalentCulture, RecruitingBlogs, the Glassdoor Blog and ERE, The Candidate Experience Awards, OHUG and TotalPictureRadio. Chris is also active with the Candidate Experience Awards and currently serves as a volunteer Council Member for the organization.
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HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #227: Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify Talent, a boutique agency that helps companies like Hootsuite, NPR, and SpaceX re-imagine the intersection of culture, talent, and brand. Before founding Amplify, he developed innovative talent strategies at NPR; recognized by Mashable, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and others.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #110: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

Topics: HRExaminer, HRExaminer Radio, John Sumser, Radio, by John Sumser
This week: Cornerstone Q1 2017 Outlook, PeopleFluent Record-Setting Q4 2016 Results, Blackstone Is Buying Aon Benefits Outsourcing Unit, Did staff quit Google’s Car Project after company paid them too much?, and Amazon launches Chime video conferencing tools.

HRx Big Ideas Radio: Episode #9: Performance Management That Actually Works with Jamie Resker

John Sumser talks about Performance Management That Actually Works with Jamie Resker, Founder of Employee Performance Solutions and a recognized innovator in the area of performance management. Jamie’s ground-breaking work as the originator of the Performance Continuum Feedback Method® and 10-Minute Conversation framework are proven to increase employee performance.
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