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TalentBin iPhone App - by John Sumser - HRExaminer

If you haven't heard of TalentBin, keep your ears open.

Lookup: The TalentBin iPhone App

Download the TalentBin iPhone App.

If you’re headed to a meeting or out and about, this is a fantastic tool for finding and finding out about someone from your phone. Lookup (as it’s called) gives you access to the TalentBin database from your phone. For free.

It’s easy to imagine salespeople sneaking into the restroom to scope out the people in the ongoing meeting. Lookup will give you pieces of facebook, resume and other data. It’s fast.

If you haven’t heard of TalentBin, keep your ears open. The Silicon Valley People Search Engine is trying to establish a sourcing beach head by grabbing info from the places where people are active online. The database contains profiles from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, Meetup, Github and others. Recently, they added the entire US Patent Database.

As part of the talent discovery process, TalentBin aggregates a candidate’s “implicit” professional activity: the skills and interests they reveal across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Meetup, Quora, and more that might not make it to their resumes. Coupled with other industry-specific social communities like Github, Sourceforge, and Bitbucket for software engineering, for example, this bolsters passive professional profiles with information that’s vital to helping recruiters determine ideal job fit. The result is a more accurate, 360-degree view of a candidate that covers everything from professional skills to personal interests. TalentBin then takes it one step further, compiling all contact information such as email addresses, Twitter handles, and more to help facilitate direct candidate engagement. (From a press release)

This means that you can search for people who actually use social media by their interests and professional behavior.

TalentBin has partnered with the visionary folks at SilkRoad, Compass, and Avature.

Each of the partnerships features a deep integration with TalentBin operating as a sourcing front end to each of these different approaches to Talent Acquisition.

At the heart of the operation is TalentBin’s cofounder Pete Kazanjy. Pete is one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs to ever enter the Recruiting/HR scene. He’s one of those guys whose tireless enthusiasm makes impossible things easy.

We’re betting that TalentBin is the core of one of the next decade’s great plays in the sourcing data management arena.

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