The BeKnown Advantage
It didn’t take long. As of the 12th of September, around the end of the day, BeKnown‘s user count surpassed Branchout‘s. The tally:

  • Beknown:1.379,927
  • Branchout:1,364,341

It’s not much of a surprise.

One of a job board’s primary skills is candidate acquisition. As the company that wrote the book on the subject, Monster is uniquely prepared to build an online network. Whether or not that’s the real future of recruitment advertising is very much a different story.

There are three really difficult things to do in the job board (or related service) business:

  1. Get candidates to visit or join your service
  2. Find employers who are ready and willing to buy your services
  3. Figure out a pricing and value model that keeps both sides happy

Before you count the job boards as dead, dying or out of the picture, remember that the these 3 are the heart of any contemporary recruitment advertising play. Technology is way, way down the list.

The circus is far from over but the old dogs appear to be learning new tricks.

We’re busy working out the kinks of this competition and its meaning for buyers, competitors and other folks interested in the, marketplace. Our Analysis of the the social media landscape in HR and Recruiting will be shipping on October 15.

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