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John Sumser highlights some considerations for installing analytics in your HR Department. It’s a conversion experience.

So you want to install Analytics in your HR Department.

SAP sees a number of benefits that might come from an HR Analytics program:

  • Improve organizational performance through high quality talent related decisions
  • Forecast workforce requirements and utilization for improved business performance.
  • Optimization of talents through development and planning.
  • Identify the primary reasons for attrition and identify high-value employees for leaving.
  • Provide the source of competitive platform for the organizations
  • Manages applicants in better way on basis of qualification for a specific position.
  • Recognize the factors which turn the employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • To determine the individuals KPIs on the business.
  • Enabling HR to demonstrate its benefaction to achieving corporate goals.

There are a variety of places to start and a number of great recruiting analytics packages. Visualization tools like Tableau or Birst  can help you reframe your picture. Most HRTech comes with something claiming to be an HR Analytics package. Googling ‘hr analytics tools‘ will give you a long list of possibilities. (Some other time, we’ll walk through the process of selecting a tool and a starting point.)

Getting ready to go means selecting a tool or two, signing a license agreement, agreeing on basic goals and forming a core team. That’s when the fun begins. It’s where all organizations encounter the conversion experience.

All of the benefits that accrue from having Analytics require three basic things (sometimes called data governance):

  • Workflow status descriptions that are the same throughout the organization
  • Data elements that are called the same thing regardless of the system in which they reside
  • Permission to use your data (yup, it’s an issue. Some software providers what to charge you to use your data.)

Sounds simple, right?

It’s a window on a world of chaos. Single stack software tools (built by the same people using a standardized data model) probably solve some of the problem. Most analytics projects will require a sustained look and remake of the data in your HR Department.

It’s called the conversion experience for two reasons:

  • It requires converting names and descriptions of workflow and data into a standardized single set.
  • You have to really want to do the work. 




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