Join me and Recruiting Trends this Wednesday November 30th at 1PM EST as I present a new webinar on The Flow Of Social Technology In Recruiting.

There is a huge supply of conflicting information about social media and its utility in Recruiting. The Evangelists seem to line the streets insisting that the end is near and that you are a loser if you aren’t an early adopter. The truth is a little slower.

Social technology is entering the organization in the pockets of its employees. This is the first time in history that technology flowed from the bottom up. The right answer is not to frantically embrace the new shiny objects. Rather, each organization must consider its competitive posture in the recruiting marketplace.

In this webinar, I’ll preview the major findings of the recently released 2012 Index of Social Technology in HR and Recruiting. You will learn about:

  • How Technology moves throughout the Recruiting Industry
  • When a particular technology has the greatest payoff
  • Whether or not social media referrals work
  • What to expect from social technology in the coming year

There will be something for everyone. Don’t miss it.

Register now for this fast-paced webinar on Social Technology in Recruiting.

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