We continue our coverage of The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist today with the second of twelve organizational profiles. The entire list of organizations appearing on this year’s Watchlist can be seen on our introductory Watchlist post located here. Each of the twelve companies we’ve selected this year represent a different value proposition and core functionality across the entire spectrum of the industry.

These outfits are pushing the boundaries out. Individually, they each have a specific value proposition that was not conceivable even three years ago.

Primary Business & Award Category


Award Category: Candidate Engagement Platform



Company: Oleeo
Size: 150 Employees, $20M
Age: 24 years
Location: London and New York
Web Address: oleeo.com
Phone: (212) 686 7733 or +44 (0) 20 8946 9876
Email address: hello.us@oleeo.com



Company Description

Formerly known as the World Careers Network (or WCN), Oleeo is a savvy European talent technology provider that is simultaneously broadening its offering, expanding into the US, and building intelligent tools into the heart of the business.

The company focuses on the elements of candidate engagement. Once someone has entered the recruiting pipeline, they provide tools and applications that handle the entire range of functions from interviewing to candidate relationship management and events.

Like other incumbent players in the industry, Oleeo has the distinct advantage of large data stores and long-term relationships with customers. They seem to be using these advantages more effectively than some. We think this is largely because CEO Charles Hipps is so deep into the company’s machine learning technology that he insists on giving demos himself. That’s not a common thing at Oleeo’s scale.

The thing that repeatedly caught our attention was Oleeo’s process for managing models and algorithms. They design and maintain intelligence, optimized for both quality and diversity, on a customer by customer basis. They expect that as the tools get smarter, they will become increasingly distinct by client. The rest of the industry is focused on building aggregate models that apply in all settings.

Knowing that all models and algorithms wear out, particularly in recruiting, they’ve designed a system that continually searches for a replacement while monitoring the health of the current tool.

Why This Matters

As is the case in all areas of intelligent tool development, the market contains multiple theories of what does and doesn’t work. Oleeo makes the case that the entire candidate experience and match between candidates and employer is unique by client and should be managed that way.


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