We continue our coverage of The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist today with the second of twelve organizational profiles. The entire list of organizations appearing on this year’s Watchlist can be seen on our introductory Watchlist post located here. Each of the twelve companies we’ve selected this year represent a different value proposition and core functionality across the entire spectrum of the industry.

These outfits are pushing the boundaries out. Individually, they each have a specific value proposition that was not conceivable even three years ago.

Primary Business & Award Category

Primary Business: HR, payroll, benefits, insurance
Award Category: Payroll and Basic HR Services



Company: Paychex
Size: 16,000 Employees
Age: 48 years
Location: Rochester, NY (Headquarters)
Web Address: Paychex.com
Phone: (585) 385-6666
Email address: sales@paychex.com



Company Description

Paychex has 670,000 clients. It delivers payroll to nearly 10% of the American population. With 40 plus years of data at their disposal, they are in possession of an enormous asset that can be used to deeply understand core HR issues. Payroll is a difficult data set but includes super valuable information about what people do each day.

Usage data from millions of users per month gives the company the capacity to deeply understand what users want. The firm has been a slow entrant into the intelligent tools era. With two thirds of a million clients, they want to be sure that they understand what they deliver. Insulating customers from unnecessary risk is at the heart of the culture.

The company’s digital assistant can answer 200 questions. They have decided not to give the assistant a personality which differentiates them from the rest of the competition. They staff the intelligent tools operation with a backup team of live agents. Their model of completion involves slowly but surely improving the system to answer the questions that must be answered by humans to date.

The company also offers Robotic Process Automation to solve simple repetitive tasks. This is supplemented with tools that automate server loads, upsell additional modules, and identify client attrition risks.

Why This Matters

Legacy providers have massive market advantages over startups. With large datasets and existing customers, it’s easier to see intelligent tools as a path to increased customer satisfaction while reducing overall costs. Paychex is demonstrating that a broad-spectrum utilization of ‘AI’ tools can strengthen existing operations.


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