We continue our coverage of The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist today with the second of twelve organizational profiles. The entire list of organizations appearing on this year’s Watchlist can be seen on our introductory Watchlist post located here. Each of the twelve companies we’ve selected this year represent a different value proposition and core functionality across the entire spectrum of the industry.

These outfits are pushing the boundaries out. Individually, they each have a specific value proposition that was not conceivable even three years ago.

Primary Business & Award Category

Primary Business: Talent Experience Management
Award Category: Talent Experience Management



Company: Phenom People
Size: 450 Employees
Age: 9 years
Location: Ambler, PA
Web Address: phenompeople.com
Phone: 267-282-0098
Email address: info@phenompeople.com



Company Description

Phenom People is the largest provider of the next generation of recruiting tools. Built around an intelligent engine that customizes individual interactions, the company delivers and manages the digital aspects of the candidate and employee experience from sourcing through job changes within the company. They are one of the largest providers of recruiting processes to the Workday community.

The raw functionality includes: career site, sourcing, chatbot, pipeline management, CRM, events, university recruiting, internal mobility apps, referrals, talent analytics, and campaign management. It’s a nearly comprehensive set of tools for a recruiting department and wraps neatly around existing ATS/HCM.

At the heart of the company are a set of unusual values. The cofounders insist that they are more interested in reaching their goal of “helping a billion people find the right job”, than making lots of money. They are on track to do both.

Why This Matters

Phenom People is another example of the power of regional tech centers in the HRTech industry. This intelligent tool powerhouse is located in the Western suburbs of Philadelphia. Surprisingly, there is a deep and abiding technical base in the HR industry. Phenom People is the latest expression.


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