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Neil-McCormick-Founding-Member-HRExaminer-Editorial-Advisory-BoardFeature | What’s the Objective by Neil McCormick
As an HR leader, have you craved a consistent set of metrics that directly linked HR’s actions to your company goals? As a CEO Neil McCormick felt this pain directly. So like you he went looking for answers. For the last three years as an HR consultant he has collaborated with two Australian Universities to create just these kinds of repeatable and defensible metrics to pinpoint the value of HR. Let’s kick off this week’s feature with What’s the Objective by Neil McCormick. Read More

What’s Best?
What's Best on HRExaminerJohn’s writing this week focuses on the flip side of the same coin that Neil McCormick is working on, recognizing quality in the human element. The kind of quality that dares metrics to quantify them. In ‘What’s Best?’ John writes ‘Astonishing work is rarely a question of the best. It’s never a question of the greatest talent. It’s always a matter of the greatest desire. Desire trumps talent.’ Read More

That Thing You Do
That thing you do HRExaminerWhat’s Best took a look at the difference between talent and desire. The crazy level of emphasis on talent is distorting sound business practice. There’s something big missing from the conversation. The desire to succeed always produces superior work where talent is simply a question of potential. Read More

An Example of That Thing You Do
Hollerado featured on HRExaminerIn That Thing You Do John talks about how useful the music business is for understanding talent, drive and luck and how the three interplay. The letter featured in this article appeared in Bob Lefsetz’ blog (I’ve asked for permission to reprint his stuff occasionally). It chronicles the early success of a band committed to making it. Read More

In The Know: v1.37 Grab Bag Edition
Grab Bag v1.37 In The Know on HRExaminerThis week’s links are intended to push against widely held ideas. Conventional wisdom is usually a disaster. An organization full of people with a solid work-life balance is liable to be both stress and profit free. As long as engagement is a surrogate for lower wages, it’s going to be a suspicious variable. Read More

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In The Know: v1.37 Grab Bag Edition

Conventional wisdom is usually a disaster. An organization full of people with a solid work-life balance is liable to be...