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Feature | Top 25 Online Influencers in Recruiting v2.0
We explore the nature of influence in depth at HRExaminer. Starting late last year we focused our attention on the online influence of key HR silos like Recruiting with our Top 25 lists. This week we begin a new chapter by tracking historical changes to our previously published Top 25 influencer Recruiting list. Our hope is to learn more about what dynamics drive short and long term influence and change in our industry. Find out Who Made The Top 25

Heather Bussing - HRExaminer Editorial Advisory BoardSocial Network Sourcing – Why You Won’t Get Sued
Many Recruiters and Sourcers today wonder if their online activities are going to land them in lawsuit land. What constitutes a safe and legal business practice in social network sourcing? Labor Attorney and HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board contributor Heather Bussing delivers a practical argument for getting on with the business of social network sourcing while avoiding the legal hiccups. Read More

Claudia Faust Joins The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory BoardCandidate Experience Is Not About Pleasing Everyone
Everyone has to have a great candidate experience today or else, right? That’s the question that Claudia Faust takes on this week as a new member of our HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. As a recruiter and leader of corporate recruiting organizations for 15 years, Claudia puts her passion and experience into her piece, Candidate Experience Is Not About Pleasing Everyone. Read More

HR Carnival - Bone Picker Edition of In The Know v1.39HR Carnival: Bone Picker Edition (In the Know v 1.39)
Shauna Moerke is an astonishing woman who is reshaping the way people think about HR. Her seemingly modest innovation, the HR Carnival, is a way for readers to see ideas they might otherwise never encounter. Think of this as the bone picker’s HR Carnival. For each item where there is the possibility of an interesting argument, I took the alternate position. I picked bones wherever I could find them. Read More

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