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Feature | Alice Snell Top 100 Influencer v1.71
Alice Snell Featured on HRExaminerWidely seen as a voice of reason in a sea of hype, Alice Snell effectively navigates the line that separates corporate advocacy and best practices documentation as Vice President of Taleo Research. There are not many people who have been researching Human Capital issues as long as Alice and it shows in her counsel. As a representative of a major player in the software business, she reaches and represents the learning of thousands of customers in an equal number of organizations. Alice’s perspective is invaluable – get to know her more.

Mad Men
Hank Stringer HRExaminer Editorial Advisory BoardHank Stringer joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week and hits the KABOOM button on the Mad Men of social networks. By Mad Men we’re talking about the hit TV show about 60’s advertising execs and by KABOOM we mean he detonates some explosives under some preconceived notions about talent acquisition and social networks. Hank’s piece will get you nodding your head and thinking twice about your next move. It’s a mad mad mad post.

Influence Project Status Report
Influence Project Status ReportWe find greatness by tackling the imperfect. It’s better to put a stake in the ground and get started than it is to sit around waiting for perfect inspiration. These are some of the fundamental design principles for our ongoing research into influence in HR (see our Top 25 lists) and the industries and institutions that serve it. Here, we share some thoughts on what we’ve learned so far. Read More

In The Know v1.39: Influence
In The Know v1.39: InfluenceYou’re going to hear more and more about influence. At some point, there might actually be useful stuff about how to get specific things done using it. Until then, we’re all going to think and stew. Here are five articles we think you should stew over. Read More

From The Vaults: Tools Wear Out
From The Vaults: Tools Wear OutA decade ago we were facing serious labor shortages as the dot com thing exploded. While the thinking about labor supplies has certainly changed, the fundamental point of this article continues to be valid. Read More

From The Vaults: Cost Per Hire
From The Vaults: Cost Per HireHere’s a decade old piece on the nonsense of using ‘cost per hire’ as a recruiting metric. Still, today, this is the prime measurement in many places. Read More

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Mad Men

Hank Stringer, CEO of Stringer Executive Search joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week. Hank has 30 years of...