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D is for Demo - HRDemo

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Feature | Going To HRDemo
Alice Snell Featured on HRExaminerHRDemo is designed for people who want to understand what’s really possible with HR Technology. In two days, you will be able to participate in 12 demos by the leading technology vendors. Instead of wading through scripted webinars you get to see the product, interact with vendors and network with peers to compare notes. Of course, there will be some fun to be had. We’re going to throw a Viva SaaS Vegas party in honor of the emerging HR SaaS Consortium (it’s a collective of users, vendors and analysts). It should be a major moment. Read More Get a 50% discount by using JOHNSUMSER as the code when you register. Sign up now

In The Know v1.42 SaaS
Hank Stringer HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board If you are involved with HR Technology in any way, you need to understand the Software as a Service (SaaS) story. These five links will help you get a clearer picture and sort out some of the mumbo jumbo. More…

Top 100 v1.72 Laurie Ruettimann
Influence Project Status ReportThe personality behind Punk Rock HR and the current author of Cynical Girl, Ruettimann takes a very 21st Century social media orientation to her work as an HR pundit. Articles about her cats and pet peeves are integrated tightly with common sense answers to HR conundrums. Leadership styles are changing. The model of HR credibility, rooted in trying to pass as a member of the dark-suited-pasty-white executive team is dying. Emerging in its place is a looser, more intimate leader who fails publicly, is easier to get to know and comes with the quirks and foibles that make real people who they are. Laurie is at the leading edge of this shift. Read More

Calling BS on Social Recruiting
Hank Stringer HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board Most efforts to deliver social recruiting really amount to spamming the social media sites with job postings. There is little evidence that social recruiting, as currently practiced, actually yields meaningful results. It’s not even cheaper to distribute jobs through social media. The job boards are vastly more cost effective. What gives? You Be The Judge

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In The Know v1.42 SaaS

In The Know v1.42 SaaS Tutorial If you are involved with HR Technology in any way, you need to understand...