If you haven’t noticed, Arbita, the Minneapolis based Internet Recruitment Advertising agency, is undergoing a market changing transformation. Once the mouse that roared ( a Peter Sellers comedy about a small nation that declares war on the US and wins, improbably), Arbita has been polishing its credentials quietly over the past couple of years. The little engine that could has become a major force in the industry. Relentless travel and deal making by the firm’s charismatic CEO are at the heart of the game.

Today’s announcement that Arbita Job Machine underscores the radical thinking that is at the core of this juggernaut. Besides finding a long lost brother, the pairing provides a game changing level of synergy. All of a sudden, one neutral and objective firm is providing a full spectrum of sourcing services. From Training for desktop sourcing to tightly orchestrated Recruitment Branding campigns, the newly minted service does it all.

Instead of an Advertising agency trying to navigate emerging tools and services, Arbita is primarily a software company that happens to be good at meeting client needs online. Shally Steckerl’s JobMachine, another entity founded on sheer optimism and the moral high road, offers industry changing tactics for workforce development, candidate pipeline acquisition, raw sourcing technique and polished social networking tactics.

Together, the two offer breadth in strategy, ease of implementation (from core software), and full choice in tactics (the complete range of sourcing alternatives).

Look closely at this transaction, it heralds a new day.