Brought to you by Pinstripe, Talent In Sight

Brought to you by Pinstripe | Talent In Sight

Top 25 Digital HR Influencers.

We are starting to be able to measure influence. For most of human history, figuring out how things worked always meant guessing (and asking) about who influenced things. As the world got more crowded and older institutions started to strain, the question of influence became more pertinent.

Older hierarchical organizations are losing their grip as we move to a flatter more agile economy. In that world, influence is the way that institutions are governed and that people get things done. Where power is the ability to make things happen, influence is the ability to increase the probability that things will happen.

We are in a transition.

Today, the most influential people are not online, yet. They don’t need to be. The online world is growing in importance but has not yet really replaced historical institutions and settings.

The people who are influential online have each made a commitment to try to work in different ways. They do their work and write and publish about it. For most, it’s some combination of long work days, multiple roles and focused experimentation. The people who are influential online have worked hard to be influential.

HRExaminer and (here’s a review of Traackr) partnered to evaluate and measure spheres of influence in the online HR community. It’s part of a project that will include bi-monthly explorations of HR Niches. The Top 25 Digital HR Influencers is the first in a very regular series. You can read more about the project here, here and here.

The list is automatically generated by algorithm. The idea is to remove subjectivity and look at the actual data. Traackr‘s process (which is very useful as a sourcing technique) searches an enormous swath of online content and then sifts and ranks it.

Each person in the data (everyone who is observable online in HR), can be measured in terms of three variables:



  • Reach (this is the number of visitors/eyeballs/page views)
  • Resonance (the number of inbound links, references, community participation)
  • Relevance (how an individual’s content maps against a key word cloud)

Each score is a percentile (imagine that the scale is 1 to Guy Kawasaki). The combination of all three scores is the foundation for ranking.

Without further ado, here are the 2009 Top 25 Digital HR Influencers.

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