The Twitter Revolution II (continued from yesterday)

(Mar 25, 2009) If I were in charge at Monster (or Career Builder or Hot Jobs), I’d quietly sign a deal with he folks at Twitter.  I’d use an automated version of, with a more tightly defined lexicon for job category and location, I’d flow each and every item from the jobs database and into twitter.

Then, I’d either bill the job aggregators (Simply Hired, Indeed  all) for using my content or just cut them off.

Twitter provides an unrivaled distribution outlet. It would be small potatoes to configure personalized data flows based on user preferences. In a quick moment, Twitter can become what newspapers should have. A customized news flow with had tailored advertising flowing from the great classified databases. There’s no reason that all of the Craigslist functionality can’t be managed to deliver tailored segmented news feeds on Twitter.

That’s just the beginning. Go take another look at The principle being proved here is profound and revolutionary.

Here are the steps

  1. Build a lexicon. 1 hash tag for every job title, 1 hash tag for every city (possible Geo Codes?),  hash tags for kinds of qualifications (experience, skills, etc)
  2. Automate  the tagging of each job. (a la
  3. Generate 1 Tweet per job that includes a compressed link to the ad (or the hiring authority)
  4. Create search engine interface that lets job hunters define output. Deliver RSS Tweets to personalized accounts for following.
  5. Bingo, instant distribution.

Now, watch. The aggregators (who are much more nimble) will do this first. They can get there faster. That should set the stage for a very interesting legal discussion about ownership of data. (You might remember that this is a favorite subject of mine).

The principle (which can not be easily accomplished at Facebook, it’s too closed) will be repeated in information niches all over the place. This is how (mechanically) Twitter becomes the replacement for the news industry.

Next: Final Thoughts.

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