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Feature | Looking for Talent
looking-for-talent-70pxWe know all too well that today there are real problems and challenges in society, companies and HR. But is the glass half full or empty? With great challenge comes great opportunity and that’s what we’re talking about this week at HRExaminer. We start it off in our feature about the loss of talent (and perhaps innocence too) in Looking For Talent and continue with more views on how HR can use these times to achieve meaningful transformation…Find It

The problem you are trying to solve is not the problem you have | HRXformation II
great-hr-makes-money-83pxDon’t write this off as yet another whiny, negative piece on the failings of HR – this is a story about how great HR makes money. There are many, many ways that HR can be the generator of massive transformation and huge economic success. It’s just that none of those things involve doing HR faster, better or cheaper. They all involve applying smart Human Capital planning and practice to the business…Transform It

HRExaminer-In-The-Know1.30-120pxIn The Know 1.30 Still More HRXformation
Five links to improve your view of HR Transformation. Here’s what we’ve got: The Next Silicon Valley, Thousands of Workers are Standing By, The Future of The Internet, The Big Lie (Thoughts on Why School Is Not Only About Workforce Development), and A Deeper Kind of Joblessness…Have a Fiver

amitai-givertz-amg-management-advisors-hr-talent-management-120pxUnprotected Classes: Prejudice and Double-Standards | Amitai Givertz Editorial Advisory Board
Amitai writes: “Our society fails on so many levels to anticipate workforce needs that allowing sanctioned, institutional prejudice to compound the problem should be an anathema to any right-minded HR leader …the truth is, sometimes it is more politic to practice the double standards embodied in “pragmatism” and “expediency” than champion change.” Change This

That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer.

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In The Know v1.30 Still More HRXformation

In The Know v1.30 Still More HRXformation Five links to improve your view of HR Transformation We're in a challenging...