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Human Machines | Feature
The hangover from the industrial revolution still exists in the HR department. Humans are machines to be procured (hired), programmed (trained), controlled (managed), optimized (incented) and terminated (fired) to produce our desired output (profit).

Editorial Advisory Board Member Paul Hebert says a whole new operating manual must be written to help today’s human machine. Names like Airely, Tversky and Kahneman should roll off the tongues of new HR professionals as easily as EFCA and COBRA do today. Read more in our Feature by Paul Hebert Maintaining Human Machines……Re-program Me Now

Review: WorkForUs
You know all of that fuss about social Recruiting? Everyone is so busy trying to figure out the meaning of life that they seem to have overlooked the simplest thing. WorkForUs hasn’t….Read More

Review: New Tools
Much of what passes for social recruiting is neither social nor recruiting. The high value pieces of the recruiting process involve judgment, assessment, selection, evaluation, interaction and conversation. Most internet recruiting tools don’t do much more than publicize opportunity and collect data. Emerging companies are part of a new wave that imagines work as an auction, reputation process or focuses on relationships in small batches…Read More

Virtual HR
It won’t be long before the Virtual Recruiter makes its way to your iPad. Want to remain in the queue for that promising career opportunity? Be a good candidate and keep doing nice things for your Virtual Recruiter. There will be points for referrals, connections to gate keepers, updating your resume. Win enough good candidate points and you’ll make the short list….Read More

In The Know v 1.31: Future of Work
Five links for thinking about the Future of Work: Steve Jobs In Concert, Maintaining Human Machines (yeah, we’re putting it in twice just in case), Best and Worst Jobs: 2010, PWC on the Future of Work, The New York Times on Gartner’s View of The Future of Work….Read More

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