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Structural Unemployment in HR | Feature
There’s a debate raging about whether or not sustained high unemployment is the result of a seismic shift in the economy or as simple as a lack of demand. If you think things have profoundly changed, that some jobs and occupations have disappeared and are not coming back, you hold the structural view. If you believe that the problem is simply that the economy is not growing, you think the problem is cyclical. Read More

In The Know v1.32 Structural Unemployment
As an HR leader, you’d better have an opinion on the question of the root cause of unemployment. If this is structural unemployment, you may have a recruiting problem of serious import. If it isn’t, you can just wait for the tide to turn. Here are five links to spark your thinking on the subject. Read More

influence-reconsidered in HRExaminerInfluence Reconsidered
Imagine two influencers. One is a widely read blogger with a huge audience (say, 15,000 regular readers) of working level HR professionals. The other is an industry analyst with an audience of 2500 senior level HR managers. Which of the two is more influential? The answer is not obvious.” At HRExaminer, we’re continuing our investigation of influence. Read More

Lisa-Rowan-photo-73px on HRExaminerTop 100 Influencers in HR v1.68: Lisa Rowan
Lisa Rowan is one of the two or three primary reference points in the analyst landscape. Plainspoken and rooted in common sense notions, Rowan’s history is laced with the foundations of HR automation. She views enterprise technology with the wizened eye of someone who has been in the trenches. After a decade and a half of industry marketing and engagement, Rowan moved to the IT Analyst firm IDC in 2004. Read More

Review: StrictlyExecs
strictly-execs-review-HRExaminerYou’ll notice that we’re seeing a shift in the market. The offerings that are making headway are focused in their simplicity. The very best designs in consumer goods and industrial gear and services are simple. Elegance and grace, two essential elements of great recruiting come from studied simplicity. That’s where StrictlyExecs, the latest project from industry great Hank Stringer, makes its stand. The web recruiting tool is simplicity at its best. Read More

Structured Unemployment featured on HRExaminer v1.32
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