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You could win an Apple iPad just by contributing to HRExaminer’s Blank Slate Challenge. By now you’ve likely heard that Apple unveiled their highly anticipated iPad Wednesday. While word is still out on whether the iPad will be another game-changer like the iPhone, there’s no doubt that HR teams everywhere could use some game-changers of their own.

We have not one, but two amazing Top 100 Inluencers this week – John Murabito and Dave Shadovitz. John’s career is about stretching for the higher rung while using metrics, team focus and acquired wisdom to drive change and results. Dave Shadovitz is a career journalist who has run the show at Human Resources Executive Magazine since its birth in 1986. 23 years later, David remains passionate about keeping his audience engaged and informed.

We’ll chart industry job moves in this week’s On the Go column while tuning in to In the Know to see how Tom Coates of the popular PlasticBag.org blog responds to Clay Shirky’s A Rant About Women.

We wrap it all up in our ongoing series about Five Scenarios for the Future of Recruiting with Five Scenarios 3: The Marketplace.

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