February 5, 2010 HRExaminer v1.05


Here’s what’s on The weekly HRExaminer

The Future Matters
As our world rapidly changes due to social, economic, and natural forces the demands for new thinking will spur demand for new kinds of jobs. HR and Recruiting will have to adapt. What’s the key to thriving?

The next 100 years in HR & Recruiting
Will Mexico really become a superpower while Japan and the U.S. have another war (not the car kind)? Where will the world shift due to our aging population, the planet’s health, or the cost and scarcity of natural resources? Our Review looks right down the barrel of the future and asks you to think about HR & Recruiting in a centennial sort of way.

On the Go
In our On the Go career section you can’t move without bumping into a Vice President. Congrats to these HR Leaders for thriving during our ‘challenging’ economic environment!

In the Know
Is the real root of GenX disparagement the fact that they are Republicans? Huh? You’ve got to read more about this in our In the Know section. While you’re there check out the 8 elements of contagious ideas with Dan Zarrella, a guy who might just be the only true social media expert.

Top 100 Influencer
We round up this week’s HRExaminer by rounding up the Roos that got loose in the top paddock (yeah, google that). No wait, that’s a different story. The story we’re closing with is about John Hollon, this week’s Top 100 influencer. John trusts in deep experience and the ability of teams to grow individual ideas into great results all the while ignoring the flavor of the month. Which makes one wonder how he gained this knowledge and experience in the first place. Thank goodness someone gave him a chance to gain experience! Actually, mentoring and employee development are central to Hollon’s effectiveness and he lists his greatest accomplishments as helping others to develop and succeed.