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Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters
We’ve unveiled the second in our series of lists documenting the online world’s Most Influential People in HR and its subsets. This list, the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters picks up where the First Top 25 list left off.

Check out who came out on top of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters

Check out who came out on top of the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters

Invasion of the Shallybots | Five Scenarios for the Future of Recruiting 6
Big brother was never this small or this useful. In part six of our series on the future of recruiting HRExaminer looks at how the small programs called bots are literally running our world. How does this relate to recruiting? Companies keep coming up with home run iterations on automated job match software. Perhaps bot-assisted recruiters are the real home run recruiting machine.

Meritbuilder | Reviews
MeritBuilder is a platform for the management and distribution of employee incentives for small to medium sized businesses. One of the more interesting features of Meritbuilder is that employees can take their earned incentives with them to new jobs. With supplemental features like skills analysis and records of individual performance, MeritBuilder ends up looking like a entirely new kind of resume – a turbocharged one at that.

In the Know
Can you imagine the criminalization of business ideas? In this week’s In the Know section author Jason Seiden implores us to take more risks and give up our fear of failure in order to speed learning and innovation. Blogger Mitch Joel suggests that following a few of quality will give you the quantity you need when it comes to your information diet.

On the Go – be sure to check On the Go to see which HR leaders have accepted new posts in the boardrooms of America including Chawn Weatherly, Tim Pratt, Andy Milani, Scott Grubin, Jeffrey Hurd, Luis Lewin, and Annmarie Higgins

Top 100 Influencer
Hanging out with smart people makes you smarter – especially if there’s a smart facilitator to make sure you’re connecting to the intelligence around you. Our top 100 Influencer this week Brian Hackett immediately strikes you as someone who you can learn a lot from but there’s more than one reason for that.


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