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Five Scenarios For The Future Of Recruiting: VII. The Pandemic

There are nice scenarios of the future and bleak ones. Both serve a purpose in determining what we do now and in the days to come. This week’s feature post is the seventh in the Five Scenarios for the Future of Recruiting series sponsored by Pinstripe Talent. This week’s article (uncomfortable as it is) explores the impact of a scenario future-shock-hr-examiner-redwhere a worldwide pandemic completely changes our population and thereby redefines the goals and importance of recruiting, retention and other HR Strategies. Make no mistake, it’s not an easy thing to get your head around. You might find yourself moving through fear and shock and ultimately considering your current reality and future from a very different perspective. That’s the point.

Also, don’t miss Thursday’s interview of John Sumser discussing the Five Scenarios series on Peter Clayton’s Total Picture Radio.

Reconsidering Influence

Last week, we published the Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters list on the HR Examiner. Each of the 25 people profiled are major contributors to the online dialog. The list created a small stir with critiques ranging from cronyism to a runaway algorithm. But the idea behind this experiment and the HRExaminer is to take a fresh look at the way that HR and careers within its disciplines actually work. If you have input, ideas or insults, we’re happy to hear them.

Monster 6Sense | Reviews

Monster bills their 6Sense search technology as a tool that delivers unrivaled precision matches for both employers and job seekers. Read our review for our take on the matter.

10,000 Ideas | In the Know

When Motorola introduced a new suggestion system, it generated 10,000 ideas in a short time. The problem was what to do with all of the creativity and input. Be sure to check out this and our other stories in this week’s In the Know column.

  • How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America
  • Facing Up To The Demographic Crisis
  • How Much Do You Hate Performance Reviews?
  • Crowd Control
  • Companies that Measure Social Media, Influence, and Brand
  • Jim Collins New Book Explains why his first book “Built to Last” wasn’t so right
  • A Better Way To Fix Banker’s Pay

Who’s Moving & Shaking | On the Go

  • Vanessa Brown
  • Deirdre P. Connelly
  • Dina R. Barmasse-Gray
  • Asahiko “Duke” Nishiyama
  • Lisa Allen


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