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Spring ERE Expo: Enjoying John’s Five scenarios series?  Come discuss the future at ERE on March 17, 2010 at 3:15PM in Recruiting Disruption.

Five Scenarios For The Future Of Recruiting VIII: Games | Feature

Five-Scenarios-for-the-future-of-of-recruiting-Future-Games-playWould you like to play a game? Many adults laugh at the thought /component/page,shop.product_details/category_id,6/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,59/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,44/vmcchk,1/”>buying but we find ourselves playing all the same and in ways that we never considered gameplay (frequent flier miles and Facebook come to mind). Modern society and human behavior are evolving quickly. Everywhere we are searching for meaning, motivation, connections and solutions. Our actions and influence are being amplified in real time across social networks to increasing effect. And although we’re changing we still want to play.

This week in our continuing series Five Scenarios for the Future of Recruiting we look at Games. What role might games play in recruiting, growing and retaining employees? By coupling frequent flyer style points systems, game design and performance management, the world has become points crazed. Work performance is ranked along with every other aspect of life. Will these new game systems offer another Utopian performance management ideal or have we found meaningful new ways to engage the modern job candidate? Read more

SHRM Standards Development | Reviews

Just over a year ago, SHRM announced its initiative to develop HR Standards. The single largest problem faced by SHRM’s initiative is developing credibility and relevance in the market. It’s easy to dismiss this endeavor but with that said we are moving into a time of increasing measurement where standards will play an increasingly important role. I spoke with Lee Webster, SHRM’s point man for the standards initiative. Webster is an amazingly smart, soft spoken, insightful and patiently determined fellow. As SHRM’s point man for the standards initiative, he is able to deliver the story smoothly (even though I must have been the 10,000th person to ask). He is both proud of the effort to date and open to the idea that he may deliver the narrowest of victories. Read more

Karma, Futures Thinking & Digital Business Tools | In the Know

“How people access information is changing, and 21st century corporations need to be nimble about what’s next.” – PCWorld’s David Worthington.

You’ll see this more and more. The web is over. The next generation of technology is coming fast and very few people see it. It doesn’t look like social technology. It looks like stuff built on the technology that carries social. Read more about Digital Business Tools that Surpass the Web with the link below and check out the other think-rich links below.

Who’s Moving & Shaking | On the Go

  • Brian Fraser
  • Kim Reese
  • Jerilyn Busch
  • Mark W. Krivoruchka
  • Dan Tompkins

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Jeremy Shapiro | Top 100 Influencer

Shapiro was a geek from day one. Always hustling to make money, Shapiro’s youth might be better characterized as mis-saved rather than mis-spent. He lovingly tells the story of his first computer, a Tandy 1000. At 10, he computerized the town directory and sold it to the local politicians. He simply loved the intersection of technology and commerce. Today, Jeremy might be the most effective proponent of HR analytics in the business. Standards, analytics and metrics are an integral part of the emerging world of global commerce and Jeremy, the Bernard Hodes Group (Hodes) senior Vice President at HodesIQ, is on top of that question. Read more