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Spring ERE Expo: Enjoying John’s Five scenarios series? Come discuss the future at ERE on March 17, 2010 at 3:15PM in Recruiting Disruption.

Gautam Ghosh | Feature

In 2002 there were not many people talking about blogging, but that’s just what Gautam Ghosh was doing while trying to build career traction. By 2007 he was recognized by HRWorld as one of the most influential online voices in HR. By 2009 had him listed as one of the top 75 business blogs in the world. The Weekly HRExaminer

Five Scenarios For The Future Of Recruiting  | IX: Opportunities

Disruption is coming to a recruiting operation near you. And, soon. This week in our continuing series Five Scenarios for the Future of Recruiting we look at opportunities.

Jennifer Government | Reviews

You might not think that a novel set in the future with killer Nike marketers was relevant to HR but this is dammit so you can bet we’ll go there.

You go where the action is | In the Know

The End Of Big Website Builds: “All things must pass. And so it is with the dark star, one size fits all corporate website. Today and tomorrow, corporate Internet strategy will involve going to where the audience is. The web operations of the future focus more on the spokes and the tire. For HR and Recruiting, this means that ’social recruiting’ or ’social HR’ are really just lessons in channel development and management.”

  • Pay it forward? Cooperative behavior spreads through a group, but so does cheating
  • The IT failures blame game
  • Meet the Sims … and Shoot Them
  • Achievement Design 101
  • The Best Jobs In America
  • Execution Really Matters

Who’s Moving & Shaking | On the Go

  • Dana Sacks
  • Morgan Krumb
  • Hosetta Belcher Coleman
  • Adele T. Barbato
  • Edward A. Evans


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