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March 26, 2010 HRExaminer v1.12

Five Scenarios: X Presentation Recap | Feature

Disruption is what happens when someone figures out a new way to arrive at the conclusion you got to the old way. This is the theme we explored in our Recruiting Disruption session at ERE Expo in San Diego last week.

This year’s ERE Expo was amazing. (Here are some pictures) Part class reunion and homecoming, part trend definition, the Spring Expo was a high energy get together with lots of blazingly bright minds soaking up and giving off powerful ideas. The groups attending our break out session came up with some thoughtful conclusions about disruption. Read More…

Jibe | Review

Building a recruiting tool requires a significant amount of capital. There are a number of things that you simply can not do well without a sound investment basis: build a sales team; develop candidate traffic and scale computing resources in advance of demand. The technical challenges associated with delivering real value in a high-volume, high-data flow environment are enormous. This is where Jibe shines. Backed with real investment and engineered by a seasoned development team, Jibe looks like the first full spectrum Facebook based job application with a chance of making it. Read More…

ERE Expo Center of Influence | Top 100 Influencers

The more enduring an influencer is, the more the influencer is like an institution. Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the ERE Expo. Held in San Diego, the event saw about 400 industry influencers, practitioners and vendors swirl together for something that resembled a wedding with education modules. Like all of these events, there were a number of recurring and new themes like social media in recruiting or use of RPO’s. Whether you were at ERE or not there were themes that developed there that are worth exploring. Read More…

Warning Your Reality is out of date | In the Know v 2.12

We’ve got eight links in this week’s In the Know column including an article introducing the concept of “meso-facts” facts which evolve slowly over time. i.e., Pittsburgh is now a top job market and interesting place to live; world population is nearly 7 Billion (6.8). Staying on top of Meso-facts keeps you on top of places where your assumptions should be evolving. Read More…

Also included:

  • Does Your Strategy Rely on a “Pan-Asian Identity”?
  • America’s Real Dream Team
  • Scaling Social Media
  • Lessons From Nestle’s Struggles With the Greenpeace KitKat YouTube Video and Facebook Fan Page Revolt
  • The Cult of Busy
  • List of Social Media Management Systems
  • Selling On Demand


We hope you enjoy this week’s HRExaminer and look forward to your input.

– John

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Five Scenarios: X Presentation Recap Disruption is what happens when someone figures out a new way to arrive at the...