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This week we continue our feature on social media as I dive into the changes that social media has introduced in our lives. We were asking many of these same questions four years ago but this time there’s a lot more tires on the road and a lot more wear on the tires. One thing is certain, as I discuss social media with others I find we all have a lot of opinions and experiences and they’re not the same.

Is social media the same stuff we’ve always done but with different tools as some people believe, the Shiny Object Syndrome, or something that we’re just beginning to understand?  Perhaps we’re working out the kinks in a global status system?  Read on in parts II, III and IV of Social Media Reconsidered and by all means, kick the tires… Read more…


mark-mcmillan-portrait-on-hrexaminer-100pxLeadership 301 | Editorial Advisory Board Member Mark McMillan

Mark McMillan joins us this week on the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Mark is co-founder of Talent Function, where he combines executive coaching expertise with ten years of recruitment software industry experience. In his post Holding the Talent Management Paradox Mark writes, “The air that staffing leaders breath today is full of “Talent Management.” Ding! Buzzword alert.” Is there an advanced leadership principle behind the buzz or just more marketing? Read More…

Get Your Own Yardstick To Beat Your CFO| Editorial Advisory Board Member Bob Corlett

bob-corlett-portrait-100pxBob Corlett joins us this week with his first post as a member of the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Bob has worked in staffing and consulting for over 25 years. He is the founder and President of Staffing Advisors, a retained search firm near Washington DC. In Bob’s post this week he spins a tale of two HR leaders, pre-recession. While both HR leaders in this story are skilled and effective only one comes out on top. The line between gone and great can be small – find out how to be on the right side of it with Bob’s advice. Read more…

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Weekly HRExaminer.


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