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Revisiting Why They Hate HR
why do they hate hrFive years ago I wrote an article about why people hate HR that was prompted by an article in Fast Company and I’m worried that too much about our current world sounds the same. Let’s compare lists and you be the judge. Read more

Thinking About Talent
thinking about talent hrexaminerI’ve come across a view of the Human Capital Marketplace that describes the “Talent Lifecycle” as Attract-Recruit-Hire-Retain. It’s as if candidates didn’t exist in advance of requirements and didn’t have a variety of roles and relationships after hiring occurs. Read more

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In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, a well coordinated, highly motivated and engaged workforce is one of the key, if not the key driver of quality output and productivity improvements. The IPMI Human Resource Management Institute is a 2 ½ day meeting designed to address these issues by facilitating dialogue amongst leading HR practitioners and experts. Join us along with John Sumser in Atlanta July 25-27, 2010.

making effective email introductions on HRExaminer Email Introductions That Work
The balance of power has shifted to the network. We’ve already got protocols for handling new tools like Facebook so it’s about time for a hard hitting guide on how to make great email introductions. Auren Hoffman the CEO of Rapleaf has you covered, CC’d and the read receipt is in the mail. Read more

Variability is the Essence of Human Resources
paul hebert on HRExaminer Variability is the Essence of Human ResourcesPaul Hebert Managing Director and lead consultant for I2I joins us on the Editorial Advisory Board this week with a great piece on how HR is experiencing a late 80’s flashback. No, not that kind. Paul’s talking about fishbone charts on conference room walls and process gone out of control. Paul says managing creative, brain-based talent is best done by effectively managing variability, not efficiencies and controls. You know, humans…people…Hello? Read more

heather-bussing-on HRExaminer

Policies: Why Less is More
If you need a screwdriver, don’t use a mallet. Many employment policies are giant sledgehammers. Heather Bussing has practiced employment and business law for over 20 years and she’s a new contributor to the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Heather’s post this week uncovers why less is more when it comes to policies. Read more

Tungle | Review
tungle-logo-review-hrexaminerFor the past six months, I’ve been using Tungle to schedule and coordinate meetings. Tungle works well as either a plugin for Outlook or a web based interface with Google calendar integration and it’s brilliant. Read more

Death of Job Boards…
death of the job boardsIn the United States and parts of Europe, conventional wisdom holds that job boards are dead. If you listen closely, you’ll see that the loudest voices are those with something to gain. Read more

That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer.

Have a fantastic week and let us know how we’re doing.



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