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Synergy First, Employment Branding Second

synergy-first-80pxSilos in HR get in the way of excellence. Recently, a series of positive experiences with Virgin America leave me thinking about what HR could be. A comprehensive integrated human capital strategy results in well trained employees in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. The goal ought to be a system that anticipates, executes and shifts focus on the fly while the team gets better and better. Read more

Strategic Recruiting 1

strategic recruiting 80pxIt is possible to know everyone you intend to recruit five years in advance. Not only is it possible, it’s the most strategic form of recruiting. By clearly articulating your requirements, you can transform Human Capital Acquisition from a reactive game into a proactive offensive strategy. Read more

Human Resource Management Institute | SponsorHRM-Button-125x125

In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, a well coordinated, highly motivated and engaged workforce is one of the key, if not the key driver of quality output and productivity improvements. The IPMI Human Resource Management Institute is a 2 ½ day meeting designed to address these issues by facilitating dialogue amongst leading HR practitioners and experts. Join us along with John Sumser in Atlanta July 25-27, 2010.

george larocque 80pxHR Pros Can Drive Technology Innovation. They Just Don’t Know They Can

Technology innovation is like grease in a machine. It helps things move along faster, smoother, and easier. When it breaks down though, things come to a screeching halt. Please welcome George LaRocque as he debuts his first contribution as a member of the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board. Read more

HR Generalist… Always Picked Last, Like the Story of My Childhood
jessica lee 80pxJust when did being an HR Generalist become so undesirable? A few weeks back, I chaired a one-day conference for recruiters in Washington, D.C. “Show of hands for folks who are looking to grow into an HR Generalist role?” You could practically hear the crickets in the room. Jessica is a senior employment manager and HR professional based in Washington DC and joins HRExaminer this week as our EAB editor and latest contributor. Read more

Rethinking Organizational Motivation as an Experience
julian-seery-gude-portrait-laughing-80pxContributing Editor Julian Seery Gude asks: What if we could use the concepts in web user experience (UX) design to rethink how we motivate ourselves and our employees? The UX model is a great one to use as a template for better Human Resources. As HR leaders, you’re challenged with figuring out how to get your people to create and do more. Many times though, HR leaders get stuck in their own paradigms and forget about the fundamental human element that is the basis for their very function. You’re only human after all. Read more

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