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If technology is supposed to free us (and the good stuff does) then what are the HR Tech solutions that are actually delivering on that promise? We kick things off this week with John’s Tech Story to give you some background on how he came to be so passionate about technology. Next, we dive into a new show designed from the ground up to make evaluating HR Tech solutions easier than ever. We cap things off by profiling a Top 100 Influencer who has a profound impact on HR and Talent Acquisition technology – Gartner’s Jim Holincheck. Finally, be sure to read Strategic Recruiting 2 the follow up to last week’s piece.

– Julian, contributing editor

My Tech Story
john sumserJohn has always written extensively on technology in the HR Space. Here’s how his interests and jobs in and around technology have informed his occasionally pointed views. 😉 Read more

Finding the right technology solutions for your HR & Talent Acquisition team is an experience that rates right up there with the dentist. We want to change that. Together with SharedXpertise we’ve designed a demo-centric show that’s rich with hands-on vendor presentations that you can’t see anywhere else. If you’ve got technology dollars to invest in 2011 you’ll want to join us in Vegas. Read more.

Strategic Recruiting 2

strategic-recruiting-80pxLast week John wrote about the possibility of knowing everyone you are going to recruit five years in advance. This week he discusses how. Read more

Human Resource Management Institute | SponsorHRM-Button-125x125

In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, a well coordinated, highly motivated and engaged workforce is one of the key, if not the key driver of quality output and productivity improvements. The IPMI Human Resource Management Institute is a 2 ½ day meeting designed to address these issues by facilitating dialogue amongst leading HR practitioners and experts. Join us along with John Sumser in Atlanta July 25-27, 2010.

jim-holincheck-80pxJim Holincheck | Top 100 Influencer v1.65

Continuing our Tech theme we feature Jim Holincheck who is the head of the Gartner operation that covers Human Capital Management. As the Managing VP – Applications: ERP – Finance, HCM, and Procurement, Holincheck is singularly powerful in the Enterprise software arena. That he has such dramatic impact in the HR ecosystem is a testament to his incredible capacity to cause things to happen. Read more

That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer.

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