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Feature | Top 25  Online Influencers in Leadership

If you’ve read our previous Top 25 Online Influencer lists you’ve been surprised at some point. How about this one?

Finding 1: The list appears to have missed virtually everyone with a name in the leadership top25-hr-digital-leadership-logo-150-cropped-pxbusiness.”

Renowned author Tom Peters is #3 on our list and while that’s no shock you may be surprised to know that our #2 spot was earned by Cindy Esposito, a dynamic voice in corporate social responsibility. We encourage you to dive in to the list and don’t just scan the names. I mean, I know that’s what we all do so go right ahead. But when you’re done, please peruse a few posts and look at the scores for the list makers for reach, resonance and relevance. As you look more deeply into what these leaders are saying and where they’re saying it, the Top 25 list starts to shape up nicely. Read More

Workforce Strategy 101 | Neil McCormick, Editorial Advisory Board

Workforce Strategy 101 | Neil McCormick, Editorial Advisory Board

Neil-McCormick-Founding-Member-HRExaminer-Editorial-Advisory-Board-80pxNeil joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board from Australia, representing the Asia-Pacific Region. Neil writes, “As the world crawls out of the global financial crisis, the inevitable reality of skills shortages will return…How long will it be before planned expansions or growth will either be shelved or falter due to the lack of skilled human resources?” Read more

Human Resource Management Institute | SponsorHRM-Button-125x125

In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, a well coordinated, highly motivated and engaged workforce is one of the key, if not the key driver of quality output and productivity improvements. The IPMI Human Resource Management Institute is a 2 ½ day meeting designed to address these issues by facilitating dialogue amongst leading HR practitioners and experts. Join us along with John Sumser in Atlanta July 25-27, 2010.

Putting HR Out of Business
putting-hr-out-of-business-hrexaminer-80pxWhat if the goal of the HR operation was to put itself out of business? Not as a way of moving on to a better type of HR but as an end in itself. Why shouldn’t HR be responsible for solving a set of problems and then closing the door?. Read more.

In The Know v1.24 | Featured This Week


  • Regulating Distributed Work (Why It’s a Good Idea)
  • Challenges of the Social Technology Industry, July 2010 Edition
  • How To Run a Great Unconference Session
  • Why today, June 30, 2010 is my last day on Twitter
  • Hopeful Monsters and the Trough of Disillusionment

just-work-hrx-80pxJust Work (From The Vaults)
There’s a growing movement. It’s something like the  slow food movement as it applies to work. Slow food is an antidote to fast food. It’s a part of the Slow Movement which features websites like Slowplanet. There is a subset of the Slow Movement called Slow Work. It’s like that but not quite. Read more

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