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On July 23, 2010, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, Weekly, by John Sumser

The Weekly HRExaminer for July 23, 2010 Dot Jobs Debacle

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Feature | Dot Jobs

Some say the proposal is a lemon. Backers say they’re just making lemonade with the lemons they’ve been given. Who is right? Read our take plus reviews of Jobscience and and meet our latest Editorial Advisory Board Contributor…Read More

Last Chance
It’s your last chance to register to attend the IPMI HR Management Institute’s event next week in Atlanta. Join John Sumser and register today (more details below).

Human Resource Management Institute | SponsorHRM-Button-125x125

In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, a well coordinated, highly motivated and engaged workforce is one of the key, if not the key driver of quality output and productivity improvements. The IPMI Human Resource Management Institute is a 2 ½ day meeting designed to address these issues by facilitating dialogue amongst leading HR practitioners and experts. Join us along with John Sumser in Atlanta July 25-27, 2010.

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