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Feature | Good Enough

Kris Dunn says, “Complexity is the enemy of actually getting people to use things.” HRExaminer agrees. The problem with trying to create a Talent Management masterpiece is that you spill a lot of paint. There’s another way that gets you there faster. Kris Dunn explains how you can use ‘Good Enough Ideology’ to make giant leaps forward in your Talent Management practices… Read More

On Auto Mechanics

HRExaminer’s good friend Jeff Hunter occasionally writes parables at Talentism. Jeff, if you don’t know him, is one of the great practitioners in our little corner of the world. Recently, Jeff read our piece on Putting HR Out of Business and responded with WORKING MYSELF OUT OF A JOB. Read our response to Jeff’s great post in On Auto Mechanics in this week’s HRExaminer.

Recruiting Is Hard Work

Typically, the recruiting professional is given requirements without adequate time or preparation. She is then expected to deliver a seamless and enthusiastic presentation to a series of prospects with the goal that each of them hopes they get the job. Firefighting is the norm and the consistent lack of planning creates massive amounts of rework. Despite the bleak realities of recruiting we believe that there is hope on the horizonRead More

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