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Feature Parts I & II | What’s the first thing you’d change – Editorial Advisory Board Poll #1

This issue is a real treat, like a present about to be unwrapped where you can’t wait to see what’s inside. We’ve got ten multi-dimensional voices from business and HR answering a singular question:

What’s the first thing you’d change about HR?

HRExaminer-eab-logo-white-bg-200x78pxHere at HRExaminer we’ve been assembling a very interesting crew of contributors (our Editorial Advisory Board) who are writing original work on HRExaminer every week. Now we’re beginning a regular series where we poll our EAB on central topics so we hear what leaders and expert practitioners are thinking about HR, Recruiting and Talent Management. That’s what our EAB Poll’s are all about and this is the first one.

Before you dive into this week’s issue stop and consider your own answer to our question. We’d love to hear your opinion. Drop us a comment here on our website or @ us with a tweet or a comment on Facebook. Then please read the responses from people like Jay Cross, Kris Dunn, Todd Dewett, Paul Hebert, Rusty Rueff, Claudia Faust and many more. It’s a treat. Read More

The Great Recession’s Recovery as a Human Capital Problem | Colin Kingsbury, Editorial Advisory Board Contributor

colin-kingsbury-portrait-hrexaminer-100pxWe continue our theme of outside contributors with Colin Kingsbury who joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week. If you’ve read Colin’s work as we have you know he has a great vision of our industry that illuminates the road less taken. This is how Colin’s piece this week starts: “If, as Ambrose Bierce wrote, “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography,” then recessions may do much the same for the study of economics.” Come on, you’ve got to read this! Do it now

In The Know v 1.25

Five links to five great reads. Consume this stuff and you’ll be In the Know. Read More

Jason Averbook | Top 100 Influencer v1.67

Jason Averbhrexaminer-top-100-influencer-jason-averbook-100pxook is the founder and CEO of Knowledge Infusion, the most rapidly growing firm on the HR Consulting front lines. Averbook is a plain spoken man with a gift for profound simplification. He has a level of passion for the Human Capital function that defies easy articulation. Somehow, a conversation with Knowledge Infusion’s leader seems to open up possibilities. It’s a kind of contagious charisma that you’re going to want to get acquainted with. Read More

That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer. That was awesome.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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