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hr-examiner-apple-transformed-v129-100pxWe know that all things change, it’s the only constant in business. But what the heck are we supposed to do when we’re trying to steer the transformation of an HR effort? Is it easier with a plan, do we need outside help, is there a process for it, and what tools have been developed to aid us in our journey? We go looking for answers in this week’s HRExaminer…Xformation Transform Now


HR Examnier Jessica Lee discussesemployee fears about social mediaWhat fears are shaping employee views on social media?
Jessica Lee attended BlogHer recently and found an anxiety fueled conversation about how employers are using social media. If you’re worried about your personal brand online you’re not alone…The Fear within your Workforce

Some Highlights from This Week’s HRExaminer

  • John Sumser sizes up HR transformation after two days with 100 Leaders at the HR Management Institute conference in Atlanta
  • The Reframing Matrix
  • The Starr Tincup HR Psychographic Report
  • Transformation Videos
  • 10 Minutes on Transforming HR
  • Delivering On The Promise of HR Transformation

That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer.

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