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Feature: Bret Starr Top 100 Influencer
For a guy named Starr, it’s hard to imagine a better place to be from than Texas. Like the country he’s from, Bret Starr is unapologetic about calling bullshit on the pablum that serves as marketing these days and he’s quick to point out where the real action is. Starr is busy blazing new trails with his partners riding a horse named results and a trusty sidekick called the Internet. Find out more in this week’s feature: Bret Starr.

Genius or Crook?
Agility, speed and market advantage are all gained by going where others can’t or won’t. It is this entrepreneurial and (apparently) risky behavior that we want and expect from our best and brightest. Here’s where it gets murky. The very same instincts that are used for seeing opportunity are the ones used to see opportunity that crosses the legal line. Read More

Recruit Forever | Mark McMillan, HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board
Mark delves into recruiting leadership and asks: “Have you fully articulated your philosophy? I work most frequently with leaders of the staffing function. I commonly see energy invested into the development of operating manuals that detail the recruitment process. Absent is the articulation of a leadership style or underlying philosophy.” Read More

SaaS Revolt
John writes “I’ve been talking to HR Execs over the last several months. I’m noticing something. There’s a change. We’ve crossed a line. Something’s up. I am tired of feeling like understanding the latest toy is preferable to getting my job done…I want to hide from the next new thing you want to tell me about.” Read More

Review: Saba Collaboration
“I’ve only seen half of the Saba enterprise suite and I’m blown away. If the company doesn’t emerge from this year’s HRTech with a pocketful of awards, it will have more to do with the show that the merit of the Saba offering. They have advanced the profession of HR by decades with their new tool set.” Read More

In The Know v1.35 Workforce Analytics
5 Links (plus a bonus) to soup up your understanding of analytics in HR including the NorthgateArinso Survey that Reveals Only 54 Percent of Respondents Use HR Analytics. Read More

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