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Feature: Social Media Relationships
Towards what end are Social Media Relationships evolving? How much time & effort does it takes to build & maintain these relationships & what are the rewards for doing so? One thing is for sure, we’re learning along with you. This week we share our latest experience with social media relationships. Read More

Social Media Relationships II
Resist the temptation to see answers where there hasn’t been enough time for them to evolve. A few years of experimentation with new media forms demonstrates little about their ultimate shape and impact. Think of the first few years of television, radio or the internet. The long term impact only becomes fully apparent after a decade or two. Read More

Social Media Relationships III
So, here’s the problem. For five hours per week, you can maintain a ‘network’ of friends on some or multiple social media platforms. Those ‘relationships’ are every bit as good as a Holiday Greeting Card list. You know how well that works. Let’s discuss some alternatives. Read More

In The Know v1.36: Social Media Relationships
There is no reliable set of terminology to describe or measure the structure, content or value of your social media experiments and the assets that result. We’re all learning about this stuff together. Here are five links (and a bonus) to help clarify your thoughts on value in social media. Read More

SaaS Revolt Response
EAB Founding member Colin Kingsbury was taken by our piece last week called “SaaS Revolt”. Colin, who runs a SaaS Applicant Tracking System Company called HRMDirect, has a common sense view of the market. Here are his responses to the article. Read More


That’s it for this week’s HRExaminer.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Social Media Relationships III

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