This week we have ebsta, HireRightCareerBeam, SmartRecruiters, Bill Kutik, and ConnectCubed.

This week we have ebsta, HireRightCareerBeam, SmartRecruiters, Bill Kutik, and ConnectCubed.

This Week’s Demos and Updates

  • ebsta This clever little app is a browser plug in that compares a profile you find online with your inhouse resume database. It notifies you if the profile you’re currently viewing already exists in your database. Currently offered in the Bullhorn and Salesforce ecosystems, the tool elegantly solves a frustrating problem. In the process it encourages recruiters to use the systems on their desktop It’s hard to understand why this functionality isn’t embedded in any environment that you move data in and out of.
  • HireRightCareerBeam Outsourcing in a box. With a deep investment in courseware, HireRight (the employment screening giant) introduces CareerBeam. It’s virtual outsourcing model is $300 per user in bulk. The actual career coach is extra. The courseware breaks the job hunting process into the most completely refined workflow we’ve seen. While RiseSmart has a head start, these guys have a large customer base. One thing is for sure, the old outplacement business is being disrupted.
  • SmartRecruiters With $10 Million in new financing, SmartRecruiters is shifting its focus. Although there is still a light, free offering, the company is headed towards the enterprise space. With Taleo, SuccessFactors and Kenexa effectively sidelined, it’s a brilliant move. Built with simple design and a minimum feature set, SmartRecruiters was able to build a product with an app style marketplace while no one was looking.
  • Bill KutikLast week, Kutik (who is the co-chair of the HRTech conference and an analyst of the space) extended his view of the changing market. Essentially, he’s changed his tune. Now the story is that what he calls ‘edge application’ (social, mobile, video, sourcing, referrals, internal mobility, candidate relationship management, et al) are orbiting the ATS in search of incorporation or a new platform. He probably read our column on the Kenexa acquisition. When big companies fail to invest in R&D, innovation has to be purchased. Mostly, the edge apps are solutions in search of a problem. While some are being acquired at healthy prices, the buyers are increasingly feeling taken.
  • ConnectCubed Gamified assessment tools are coming.
    ConnectCubed is at the head of that pack. Why? Where everyone else is trying to boil the ocean, they are putting game style interfaces on well understood assessment instruments.

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