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John Murabito credits his success to the fact that he got big jobs fast, ahead of his capacity. Development was a matter of people showing confidence in him when he was 22. Early identification as a leader coupled with great development programs helped him turn his raw talent into a finished product.

“I was out of the nest really early,” he says, “Leaving home in Chicago to chart my course forced me to become independent. That’s where maturity comes from. I worked in a number of different industries and developed a broad foundation rather than a limited view that comes from working in one company.”

These themes pepper Murabito’s narrative. “Risk builds confidence; Independence is the foundation of maturity; Breadth yields competence; search for risky opportunity; Take personal responsibility.” The simple slogan-like messaging seems essential to his trajectory.

Currently, Murabito is the Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Services at CIGNA. He’s been there for nearly seven years.

Prior to joining CIGNA, Murabito served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at Monsanto. His background includes more than 30 years of extensive related experience with the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo, Symbion, Inc., and The Trane Company.

This fall, he was named Human Resources Executive of the Year by Human Resources Executive magazine. The article describing his award details the work of a visionary HR Leader. Murabito integrated, streamlined, measured and made accountable the sprawling disconnected HR function he found at CIGNA. He moved, in fact, to be a part of the turnaround

The essential skills of great Human Resources Executive leadership are:

– Communication that Stays on Target and On Message
– Evidence Based Decision Making (driven by Workforce Analytics)
– Effective Outsourcing
– Program Management
– Contracts Administration
– Solid Leadership Development

Murabito excels in each area. Like Rusty Rueff and Brian (Skip) Schipper, Murabito is a graduate of the Pepsi HR Leadership development ‘laboratory’. In it’s time, the Pepsi system produced an enormous number of powerfully influential Human Resources Executives. The keys were:
– Bigger jobs than the leadership candidates merited based on age and experience (trust and confidence) and
– Job Rotation in rapid succession through different functions

The Pepsi approach taught these aspiring leaders how to rapidly adapt, find problems worth solving and feel good about moving on.

Murabito is exercising a kind of influence that only an Human Resources Executive can deliver. As a champion of data driven decisions and analytics, Murabito is one of the people who is actively changing the way HR is executed. To be influential in this sort of operational way requires that you:
– actually do the work and accomplish something and
– find ways to bring visibility to the arena.

At the bottom line, Murabito is a team player. For every compliment I volleyed his way, he returned some form of “you can only do that with a team.”

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