This week we’re focusing on finding the next job.  The official unemployment rate for March 2011 was 8.8% with new statistics coming out this week.  Gallup, who regularly polls 30K people, puts jobless rates higher at 9.5% unemployed and 19.6% underemployed.

That means that you know someone who is unemployed.  Chances are it’s someone who is a close friend or family member.  If you are a recruiter or human resources professional, you are barraged with questions and pleas for advice or help.  I get at least several of those emails a week.  I can only imagine what it is like for people in the hiring trenches.

So HRExaminer is looking at the job hunt and compiling information and resources to give to people looking for help.

Tuesday’s piece is by Top 100 Influencer David Perry.  David is an executive recruiter who, along with co-author Jay Conrad Levinson, has taken on unemployment as a personal mission in the Guerrilla book and DVD series.  The latest edition, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 launches this week.  And we invited David to tell us what’s new and important in the job hunting process.  The book begins with an introduction by me and ends with some legal perspective by EAB contributor and editor Heather Bussing.  In between are insights and wisdom from lots of smart people all over the recruiting and HR industry, including Harry Joiner, Peter Clayton, Jim Durbin, Barbara Ling, Steve Rothberg, Dennis Smith and Rayanne Thorn.

The rest of the week will be my thoughts on job hunting, originally published at Glassdoor in their career advice blog.  The blog offers resources and helpful advice on everything from resumes to interview tips to how to survive the emotional ups-and-downs of the job search. There are great posts by my good friends Hank Stringer, Rusty Rueff and Jeff Hunter, as well as newer voices, Vickie Elmer, Debra Wheatman, Heather Huhman, Meghan M. Biro, Liz Ryan, Nancy Mann Jackson and Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter.  (Full disclosure: I get paid to write the blog pieces at Glassdoor, but they have no idea I’m writing this.)

Glassdoor is a perfect example of how job hunting resources have evolved with the internet and social media. It became possible in the late 1990’s to do online research about a prospective employer’s business and financial performance, but you were limited to carefully crafted surface of the company.  Glassdoor has taken the next step to give you in-the-know perspective by people who work at the company and people who have applied for jobs there. Glassdoor is effectively the Yelp of job hunting.  And that is turning the tables on employers who must now consider employee and candidate experience as part of their marketing and overall brand strategy.

Job hunting has changed again; and it’s always useful to be reminded what HR looks like from the outside.

We invite you to join the conversation and tell us where you direct friends who need help with a job hunt as well as the advice you give them.

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