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On January 23, 2015, in HRExaminer, Victorio Milian, by Heather Bussing

Don’t talk to him before you’ve made sure he has coffee. Put on some funky jams, because well, that just makes doing everything better. Then imagine working with one of the most talented HR Professionals around.Victorio

You can’t categorize Victorio Milian because he does it all. He’s an amazing photographer, an elegant writer, a lover of music, and an explorer of the moment, whatever it brings.

His piercing gaze cuts through nonsense, bizspeak, and bs rationalization. Yet I’ve never seen him express disdain or condemnation. Rather, Victorio starts where he’s at, then figures out the path through it all with grace, humor, empathy, curiosity, and brilliance.

Victorio is a design thinker –someone who goes beyond metrics and ROI to solve problems with common sense, care for the people involved, and a solid head for business.

The HR Examiner is so fortunate to have Victorio as part of our Editorial Advisory Board, and delighted to honor him today as an amazing person who rocks HR.

Here are Victorio’s Posts on the HR Examiner.

What’s My Name

The Good, Bad, and Ugly: Honesty in Attracting Candidates

How Good is Your Gut?

Big Data, Hip-hop, and Zombies

Follow Victorio on Twitter @Victorio_M.  Find out how to work with him here.

And follow some great music posts from a wonderful group of HR Pros under the hashtag #HRMusicShare.

Here’s Victorio’s latest music post to make your day. Keep ‘Em Laughing by the Styletones


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